Coconut palms (Cocos nucifera)

In Kerala, Coconut tree is called Kalpavriksha because of its ability to amply provide for human needs. The tree is tall and branchless. The fruit of the tree is big and oval shaped. Inside the fruit, there is a thick brown fibre that surrounds a hard shell. The sweet and pleasant edible material and the milk stay within this shell. It is used in the preparation of almost all kinds of dishes in Kerala. Oil extracted from 'Copra', obtained by drying the edible part, is used tor cooking, for making shampoos and can be applied to the hair for its enrichment. After the oil is extracted the 'copra' is used as a food for fowls and cattle. Oil is used in the manufacturing of soap and candles. Coir is the solid, stringy skin of the nut used for mats and for the production of strong ropes that are durable in salt water. Tender coconut water, a natural healthy drink, is suggested for people with dysentery, vomiting etc as a means to prevent dehydration. Toddy obtained from Coconut tree is a beverage. The lives are used for thatching and the trunk is used for roof beam and bridges. The hard cases of the nuts are able to make useful cups and vessels.

coconut palms (cocos nucifera) are everywhere