Throne Terrace

The Throne Terrace measuring 35.6 m. by 25.2 m. In front of the Diwan-i-Khas is actually the roof of the chambers constituting the eastern wing of the Macchi Bhawan. It has historical relics in the form of two thrones one of which is of white marble on the west overlooking the Macchi Bhawan and the other one is in black stone or of touch stone (sang-i-mahak) on the eastern side overlooking the river.

Shahi Hammam

The Emperor's bath is connected with the throne terrace on the north and is approached through the Macchi Bhawan court below. It comprises set of vaulted chambers containing the bath.

The walls of the bath are constructed by lakhauri bricks and lime, coated with thick stucco which still contain traces of floral designs. There are traces of furnaces and a few water channels for heating the baths on the west. The Badshah Nama records that it is exquisitely inlaid, ornamented and decorated both internally and externally, and also mentions the existence of a large cistern with fountains on all sides in the centre of the hammam. Abdul Hamid also records the existence of hot and cold baths and which according to him were so fitted with mirrors of Halab (Aleppo) that the river bed and the royal gardens reflected on them.

The doors and the niches of the hammam have been supplied with the mirrors of Halab, which added to the general decoration scheme of the building. There used to be held ghusal-khana meetings in which a few most trusted noblemen were invited to consider serious state affairs.

There are two thrones in the Throne Terrace