The main hall of the Musamman Burj

Pachisi Court. The so-called Pachisi court situated in the lower storey of Musamman Burj, measuring 13.5 m. by 10 m. paved with marble octagons representing the pattern similar to a Pachisi board or Indian backgammon. But in fact it is an ornamental cover for the drains below. It drains water out of the palace, and its irregular sides contradicts the supposition that it was a board on which pachisi was played by the Emperor with maid servants, as living games men. As it is, this game is played with only one-man rival to another. The platform to its north measuring 10 m. by 5.2 m. is paved with 465 square marble slabs, bordered on all sides by strips and is enclosed on the north and east by superb marble screens exquisite in geometric designs, through which royal ladies might have viewed the sports of elephant fights etc in the eastern enclosure below.

It is forbidden to go inside Musamman Burj