Vivekananda Rock Memorial - The town of Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu

queue to the memorial
Queue to the memorial.
fishing boats
Fishing boats.
queue to the ferry-boat
Queue to the ferry-boat.
embarking to the ferry-boat
Embarking to the ferry-boat.
hotel maadhini
Hotel Maadhini.
in this building you can buy ferry tickets
In this building you can buy ferry tickets.
view of st. arockia nathar church and our lady of ransom church from the ferry
View of St. Arockia Nathar church.
people inside the ferry
People inside the ferry.
view of st. arockia nathar church from the ferry
St. Arockia Nathar church.
debarking from the ferry-boat
Debarking from the ferry-boat.
we go up to the Rock Memorial
We go up to the Rock Memorial.
Here are Indian people from all Indian states
Here are Indian people from all Indian states.
stairway to memorial
Stairway to memorial.
trash can is in the form of a hare
Trash can is in the form of a hare.
memorial merges with the stone
Memorial merges with the stone.
small black elephant
Small black elephant.
me and elephant
Me and elephant.
view of thiruvalluvar statue from vivekananda rock memorial
View of Thiruvalluvar Statue.
Shripada Mandapam
Shripada Mandapam.
ferry brought people to the thiruvalluvar statue
Ferry brought people to the Thiruvalluvar statue.
red stone lion in front of Shripada Mandapam
Red stone lion in front of Shripada Mandapam.
rock in the ocean
Rock in the Indian ocean.
Vivekananda Rock Memorial
Vivekananda Rock Memorial.
big rock of the memorial
Big rock of the memorial.
waves of the indian ocean
Waves of the Indian ocean.
indian ocean
Indian Ocean.
brick-red domes
Brick-red domes.
elephants carved in stone
Elephants carved in stone.
Shripada Mandapam & Kanyakumari
Shripada Mandapam & Kanyakumari.
mother and daughter
Mother and daughter.
two girls and the wind
Two girls and the wind.
huge door
Huge door.
internal water tank
Internal water tank.
ferry is full of people
Ferry is full of people.
these people are waiting the ferry to back in Kanyakumari
People are waiting the ferry.
Indian ocean around thiruvalluvar statue
Indian ocean around the statue.
mountains in Kanyakumari
ferry on its way from memorial to Kanyakumari
Ferry on its way.
indian girls in blue saree
Indian girls in blue saree.
blue clothes of indian girls
Blue clothes of Indian girls.
thiruvalluvar statue
Thiruvalluvar Statue.
indian school girls at the excursion
Indian school girls at the excursion.
indians gave me a warm welcome
Indians gave me a warm welcome.
Sure, i love my India!
Sure, i love my India!
view of indian ocean and thiruvalluvar statue
View of Indian ocean and Thiruvalluvar statue.
view of memorial from our hotel
View of memorial from our hotel.
Kanyakumari is the incredible city at the shore of Indian Ocean
Kanyakumari is the incredible city.