Tripolia bazaar

Tripolia Bazaar is totally different in the kind of goods that you can get here as also the shoppers who come to this market. One thing that you will notice immediately is the number of utensil shops here that deal mainly in brass, steel, lead, copper and tin utensils as well as gardening and farming implements. You will also find masons looking for the tools of their trade. The first few shops on the left are no less interesting as they deal with costumes for theatre and all manner of props. Things like fake crowns, swords, moustaches and so on are much in demand.

As you walk along Tripolia Bazaar, you will notice two small temples in the middle of the road. Immediately after the second temple, you will find an arched entrance on the right, after shop number 350. This is the Maniharon ka Raasta.

Maniharon ka Raasta. Walk into this lane, if only a short distance, to see the famous lacquer artisans at work. Tiny shops dot the narrow lane and you can see women working deftly to shape lac bangles. The bright coloured lacquer is gently moulded into shape over burning charcoals, then embedded with fine glass pieces or embellished with gold threads.

Lac is a substance collected from trees and heated and moulded to give it desired forms. Besides bangles, there are pens, key chains, jewellery boxes, small animal statues, figures, sindoor dani, agarbati stands, show pieces etc. Made of lac, these bangles cost just a few rupees but make an excellent gift.

Come out on the main street again but there is no need to cross over. Keep to the right side and go slowly here until you reach an interesting book-cum-holy picture shop that is set up on the steps of a temple. Make your way past these books and climb to the Shri Radha Krishnaji's temple. There is a huge open courtyard with the priest's family staying in a section of the temple. This temple is interesting to see if only to understand how changing times have necessitated the reuse of these spaces.

Come back down and look across the road at the huge tower on the left side of the street jutting out from behind the shops. That is the famous Swarga Suli or Isar Lat.

Tripolia bazaar: trading places with numbers 252 and 253

Tripolia bazaar: trading places with numbers 252 and 253