Sandy field at the southern side of Chaugan Stadium

Chaugan is a Persian word that meant both a curved stick as well as a game played with these sticks, an older version of polo. Over the years, it has come to mean an open place for sports. Originally, this was a heavily fortified large area with several enclosures, pavilions known as burj, for the maharaja and his entourage. Chini ki Burj was the most notable one of them. Modern buildings have engulfed the other two known as Moti Burj and Shyam Burj.

During the early days, horses were exercised here and people also gathered to watch lion, wild bull and elephant fights. The common spectators occupied the area close to the ground.

Today, this place comes alive on occasions like Teej, Gangaur and the Elephant Festival. For the rest of the year, its use is restricted to sports activities like cricket matches and coaching camps for the people in the vicinity and other local gatherings.

There is a wide road to the west of Chaugan that will take you to Gangauri Bazaar. You can get a scooter rickshaw here to take you back to your hotel.

sandy field at the southern side of Chaugan Stadium