Naqqarkhane ka Darwaza Gate

In the days of the maharajas, the upper compartments of this fine gate were a venue for court musicians who announced arrivals and departures of maharajas and played the "naubat" eulogizing the chivalrous deeds of rulers past and present.

Today, the drums are silent and there is nothing to herald your entry into this most important of the city's blocks - except hundreds of pigeons that have got other things to do than spare you a look.

Between the two gates, there is an open space and as you walk in you will find yourself walking past these pigeons feeding almost in the middle of the road. Devout Hindus feed birds on a regular basis. A lot of people with a religious bent of mind come here to feed these pigeons; you too can do so if you wish. There are several temporary shops there with piles of grain that you can buy and scatter on the ground.

As you feed the pigeons, look towards your right and note the huge garages. They look almost like narrow, vertical hangars. They were meant to house the Indra Viman, Chariot of Lord Indra, a huge elephant carriage.

Walk in through this gate and it will get you into a large square called the Jaleb Chowk (or Parade Square) of the City Palace.

Naqqarkhane ka Darwaza Gate