Jaleb Chowk

Jaleb is a distortion of a Persian word Zaleb that means parade or drill. This was the parade square of the Jaipur state Army. Ceremonial occasions saw an impressive gathering of foot soldiers and those astride horses and elephants. State processions that were always watched avidly by the local public left through the Sireh Deorhi Gate to enter the city streets. It is easy to visualize the magnificent line up of soldiers, nobles and other state dignitaries in all their finery, followed by the maharaja and his retinue of ministers. The colourful bejewelled turbans, gold inlay work swords, cross belts and long robe like coats... what an imposing sight they must have been! No wonder the local public waited for hours to catch a glimpse of these parades.

When power changed hands and the royal family handed over several of their properties to the state government, Jaleb Chowk was one among the many. The state government used it for the local municipal and transport offices. Many have now shifted from here and plans are underway to try and convert this entire area into a tourist complex. For now, it is used mainly to park tourist buses and cars.

This arch leads to Jantar Mantar from the Jaleb Chowk

This arch is the way to Jantar Mantar from the north of the city