Saltwater/estuarine crocodile

Common names: Salt water / Estuarine Crocodile. Scientific names: Crocodylus porosus. Distinctive characters: Longest of all existing crocodilians. Adult male upto 4.8-5 mtr. long, weigh - 770 kg. One saltwater crocodile in Bhitarkanika sanctuary measured 7 mtr. (23 ft) in length. Distribution: Mangroves of South-east Asia & Northern Australasia. Habit: territorial, dominant males occupy most eligible stretches of creeks, cruise speed 2 to 3 miles/hr. Habitat: Wet season in fresh water swamps & Rivers. Dry season - Estuaries upto sea. Food: voracious feeders and will feed upon any creature that they capture feed on fish & catch mammals upto size of water buffaloes. Breeding: female makes a nest made of piled up vegetation liberally mixed with mud. Lay 50-60 eggs with incubation period upto 3 months. Status: Schedule-I of Wildlife (Protection) Act.

saltwater/estuarine crocodile