Bananas of different colours

About fifty or sixty tonns of bananas is exported from Kerala every day. A lot of varieties are available in the market with different sizes, colours and taste. The popular varieties include annan, peyan, matti, pachakkappa, chengali, chenkadali (kappa), kadali, malayannan, nenthran, ayiram poovan, palayankodan, monthan, robesta, kaliyethan, kumpillaannan, padatti, aattunenthran, rasakadali (njaalipoovan), sahasrapadali, thottannan, poovan etc. Bananas have a variety of colours and sizes when ripe. The colours are yellow, red and purple. Ripe bananas can be eaten raw. Unripe green bananas have to be cooked. The tender core of the banana plant's trunk and flower are also used for delicious dishes. Banana leaves are often used as ecologically friendly disposable food containers or as "plates". Along with other fruits and vegetables, consumption of banana was associated with a reduced risk of colorectal cancer and in women, breast cancer. Individuals with a latex allergy may experience a reaction to bananas.

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