Tribal Medicine

Though the adivasis have been using wild plants for curing various diseases over the centuries, their healing practices were seldom known to the world. The most valued ayurvedic knowledge of them is about the miracle plant arogyapacha (trichopus zeylanicus) and Amrithapala (janakia arayalpatra), traditionally used by the Kani tribes. The tribes like Muduga, Irula and Kurumba in Attappadi, Mannan, Ulladan, Mala arayan, Muthuvan, Uraly of Idukki are also found traditionally healing various ailments with herbal plants growing in jungles.

Benefit sharing. A lead provided by a tribal community, Kani tribe, inhabiting the Southern-Western Ghat region of Kerala, relating to the anti-fatigue properties of a wild plant Trichopus zeylanicus has led to development of ascientifically validated drug "Jeevni" by the Tropical Botanic Garden and Research Institute (TBGRI). The TBGRI has worked out an arrangement for benefit sharing. According to this arrangement, the TBGRI has agreed to share 50 per cent of the licence fee with the tribal community.

Wide wave of the Varkala beach

wide wave of the varkala beach