The land of ayurveda

Kerala's climate, natural abundance of forests with a wealth of medicinal plants, and the cool monsoons are best suited for Ayurveda's packages. Kerala is the only State in India which use this system of medicine. Monsoon is the best season for ayurveda programmes. The atmosphere is cool and without dust, the pores of the body are opened to the maximum size, making it most receptive to therapy and herbal oils.

There are three kinds of treatments namely, Swastha chikilsa, Shamana chikilsa and Shodhana chikilsa. Swastha chikilsa offers a daily activity which is meant for preventing diseases and sustaining health. Shamana chikilsa is meant for curing a patient and Shodhana belongs to Panchakarma treatment.

The treatment in Ayurveda is usually classified into two - Shodhana and Shamana. Shodhana is restored to such cases where doshas are accumulated following an imbalance in their state and are to be purged out of the system. Shamana therapy is done where accumulation of imbalanced doshas is less in quantity. In this condition palliative measures are adopted to balance the vitiated doshas to maintain health. Purifying the body in ayurveda, ayurveda medical research in India.

This cliff is placed over the Varkala beach

this cliff is placed over the varkala beach