Poster about Jackal

Scientific name: Canis aureus
Common name: Jackal
Distribution: Asia, Africa, Southeastern Europe
Conservation status : Lower risk (IUCN)
Physical characters: Scraggy, buffy - grey coat interspersed with black hair. Underside, throat, area around the eyes and lip is white. Length: 60-75cm, weight: 7-15kg.
Habitat: Urban, semi - urban areas and forests.
Behaviour: A successful hunter and scavenger. In most jackal families, there are one or two adult members called "helpers". Helpers are jackals who stay with the parents for a year after reaching sexual maturity, without breeding, to help take care of the next litter. It yelps, barks and uses shorter calls. Crepuscular, most active at dusk and dawn.
Reproduction: Gestation period of 60-63 days. Give birth to 1-9 pups.
Interesting fact: It's eerie howls are characteristics of the Indian countryside and jungle.

poster about jackal