Poster about endemic flora and fauna of Western Ghats

Kerala - God's own country

Blessed with natural habitats and ecosystems like the serene beaches, enchanting backwaters, mist clad hills stations, lush forests, diverse wildlife, scintillating waterfalls, extensive plantations, tropical islands, invigorating monsoons, ayurvedic health centres, historic monuments, sacred pilgrim centres, magical festivals, spectacular art forms, splendid cultural heritage, spectacular boat races, spicy cuisine... and lots and lots more.

Western Ghats - Hotspot of Biodiversity

The Western Ghats, known locally as the Sahyadri Hills, are formed by the Malabar Plains and the chain of mountains running parallel to India's western coast, about 30 to 50 kilometers inland. They cover an area of about 160,000 km2 and stretch for 1,600 kilometers from the country's southern tip to Gujarat in the north, interrupted only by the 30 kilometers Palghat Gap.

poster about endemic flora and fauna of Western Ghats

Endemic flora and fauna of Western Ghats

(Numbers in the bracket shows total number of species in India)

Reasons for the high biodiversity