Safety in Goa. In general the threats to personal security for travellers in India are remarkably small. Goa is still a very safe place compared to European and American holiday destinations. Over 99% of visitors enjoy a carefree and crimefree holiday in the sun. However, thefts and physical assaults have been increasing on certain beaches especially in dimly lit stretches within the tourist belt.

It is safer to walk in large groups, especially at night. It is essential to take good care of personal valuables both when you are carrying them, and when you have to leave them anywhere. It is best to keep your passport, TCs and valuables with you at all times. Money belts worn under clothing are safe although you should keep some cash easily accessible in a purse. You can't regard hotel rooms as automatically safe. Cheap accommodation without adequate security is particularly vulnerable; foreign currency, cameras and music systems being the usual draw so use a good padlock. Keep a record of vital documents, (eg passport number, TC numbers). If you have anything stolen, report it to the police as soon as possible.

Drugs are widely available from local and foreign dealers at most resorts in Goa, especially at the northern beaches of Anjuna and Chapora. All night beach 'parties' are heavily involved with drugtaking. Some police have been suspected of planting drugs on likely looking travellers and then arresting them, hoping for substantial bribes for their release.

Warning. Anyone charged with the illegal posession of drugs risks facing a fine of Rs 100,000 and 10 years imprisonment.

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two storey building with large arches