Abade Faria Road

Abade Faria Street. Many 18th century houses, though dilapidated, can be seen, especially in and around Abade Faria Street. The de Joao Figueiredo House has a splendid collection of Goan furniture. The da Silva House is a fine example of an impressive town house built around 1790 when Inacio da Silva became the Secretary to the Viceroy. No simple pied-a-terre, it was an impressive mansion; it had a long facade with the roof divided into seven separate cropped 'towers' hence its other name, Seven Shoulders. Today, however, only three of these 'towers' remain. The house retains an air of grandeur in its lavishly carved dark rosewood furniture, its gilded mirrors and fine chandeliers. The first floor reception rooms which face the street are lit by large wood and oyster shell windows which are protected by wrought iron balconies. (Unfortunately, the wide 'awning' of corrugated iron which have been added here, as in other fine buildings elsewhere, to shield the rooms from monsoon downpours and strong sunlight, are far from attractive). The chapel screened by wrought ironwork on the first landing is ornately decorated around the altar, quite strikingly set off by a background of blue and gold. The descendants continue to live in a small wing of the diminished house which has the traditional flower-filled courtyard garden at the back.

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