The road from Betul towards Cabo de Rama first has coconuts growing in the valleys with breadfruit trees, then it traverses a really bleak landscape, dominated in the dry season by almost black laterite which is enlivened during the rains by patches of green cultivation. After passing the High School, 1.6 km from the junction, there is an extraordinary landscape of meticulously reclaimed land, tiny rectangles of levelled plots with little laterite block bunds built to trap the rain. You wind down into the valley for 1 km, where a minor road forks off to the right to Cabo de Rama (the sign to Cabo de Rama may be almost invisible), while the left leads to the southernmost beaches of Goa. Heading for the fort, you pass through beautiful lightly wooded countryside, dominated by cashew trees, and there are magnificent sweeping views. A small village below the fort has seized the opportunity to cater for visitors to this corner of Goa.

Parking place near the entrance of the fort

parking place near the entrance of the fort