Horticulture nursery in Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh

entrance to padmapuram gardens
Entrance to Padmapuram gardens.
there are very tall royal palms here
There are very tall royal palms here.
train waits for its passengers
Train waits for its passengers.
araku express
Araku Express.
one of the many alleys
One of the many alleys.
low tree spread out its branches to all sides
Low tree spread out its branches to all sides.
stump of unusual shape
Stump of unusual shape.
pergola is covered with straw
Pergola is covered with straw.
statue of artificial dinosaur
Statue of artificial dinosaur.
roof from the straw
Roof from the straw.
exotic lawns
Exotic lawns.
green field
Green field.
red flowers of euphorbias
Red flowers of euphorbias.
cycas revoluta
Cycas revoluta.
indian buffaloes with horns of different lengths
Indian buffaloes with horns of different lengths.
mature indian buffalo
Mature indian buffalo.
Araku Express passes by us
Araku Express passes by us.
bushes were trimmed in a decorative manner
Bushes were trimmed in a decorative manner.
statue of women with the fish
Statue of women with the fish.
alley with tall trees
Alley with tall trees.
flowers in pots
Flowers in pots.
opuntias, euphorbias and coleuses
Opuntias, euphorbias and coleuses.
crest of euphorbia resinifera
Crest of Euphorbia resinifera.
this plant looks like the agave
This plant looks like the agave.
garden plants
Garden plants.
thin palm trees
Thin palm trees.
layout of h.n.t.c. padmapuram - araku valley
Layout of H.N.T.C. Padmapuram - Araku valley.
sculpture of man with heads of animals
Sculpture of man with heads of animals.
green lawn with palms
Green lawn with palms.
aptdc, haritha valley resorts
APTDC, Haritha Valley resorts.
agave with light leaves
Agave with light leaves.
two-story building near the dining room
Two-story building near the dining room.
our tourist buses
Our tourist buses.
young royal palms
Young royal palms.
royal palms in landscape design
Royal palms in landscape design.
me & royal palm
Me & royal palm.